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‘Simple settings page to allocate multiple roles to a user..

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The Role Includer  plugin like other role type plugins creates a settings screen to assign roles to users with one difference, its not trying to do everything.  Other such plugins allow Administrators to change and manipulate the capability properties of users and/or roles and they do a good job at this.  However, the most popular versions don’t easily have delegated authority to lower levels of administration.  So the ‘Role Includer’ plugin keeps it simply about role assignment to other user.

This plug plugin expects the complexity of capabilities to be handled by the Administrator through another plugin, It is not reproducing what is already available. What ‘Role Includer’ allows is for any user with the ‘promote_users’ capability a way to handle allocation of roles and only that.

So by simply creating a new role, for example “staff” and adding the ‘promote_users’ capability to this role, all staff members will be able to handle role assignment.

If you wish to hide/mask-out a particular role from “staff” ( such as “Administrator” ) so that staff cannot allocate the higher access level then you can exclude higher roles by using the “Role Excluder” plugin available.