Role Based Help Notes are allowing images

by Simon Steinberger

We can all own up to having done it! On the back of a serviette in a restaurant, the back of you hand or even toilet roll we’ve all just had to get that idea written down.   Then next comes the problem in one day or a month of days, where did that note go ?!

There are so many great apps for notes out there EverNote,  Google’s keep and a tonne more but what if you could add note taking for anything from the memory jogger to the full detailed design right into you own WordPress site?  Well that’s exactly what the free ‘Role Base Help Notes‘ plugin does and allows the user experience to follow in line with the selected theme for the site.

Help Notes has been growing over the years and its about to get better as the next version adds the ability for everyone to add media to their notes.  Till now only those who have the WordPress ‘upload_file’ capability (Editors, Authors..) have been able to upload media, but soon all other user roles with Help Notes will also be able to upload attachments.  They will however only see their own personal uploads or attachments to Help Notes, so everything continues to be role based and private.

Help Notes version 1.5 is just going through the final stages of testing and comes along with a bunch of fixes and improvements to navigation.