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“Add worship songbooks to your WordPress site.”

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Put worship into the hands of church members.

Allow church groups to create and share worship song books on any device (tablets, mobile phones..) and keep the worship up to date as new songs get used in church life.

It also helps follow the legal requirement of showing the copyright information and church CCLI License along with the song words.

Example Christmas Carol song book…

Note: Under the CCLI license in the UK the law stands that only paper copies or emails for the use of church members is allowed.  To close this gap, until the law changes, you can request from the CCLI administration the use of a private website for the use of electronic devices with a private members only website.
Therefore, the site should made private and for members only unless the songs are all in the public domain (e.g. our example Christmas Carol songbook )

‘song book’ uses the excellent post-2-post plugin (by scribu) to create the association between songs and books.

YouTube embeds

WordPress allows for YouTube embeds to have a neat way of play back along with the words.

Tip – “Starting a YouTube at a time into playback”

To start a YouTube at some point into the playback and miss the intro you can add “&t=<minutes>m<seconds>s” at the end of the link url.

For example adding &t=2m15s to the end of the url will start playing 2 minutes and 15 seconds into the video…

Printing to Paper

To list all the songs simply add /fullsongbook/ to the end of the url when showing a songbook page. For an example with the “christmas-carols” songbook you would go to link..  this is where you get a full page that you can print or copy&paste into a word processing application to edit before printing.