Role Excluder

role-excluder‘Role excluder’ came about from the need to hide or mask out certain roles from users who can promote others.  This is necessary when the promoters don’t have the full Administrator level of access and are acting as a second level administrators/staff members.


The free Role Includer  plugin,  like other role type plugins,  creates a settings screen to assign roles to users with one difference; its not trying to do everything.  Other such plugins allow Administrators to change and manipulate the capabilities of users and/or roles and they do a good job at this.  However, the most popular versions don’t easily have delegated authority to lower levels of administration.  The ‘Role Includer’ plugin keeps it simply about role assignment to other users, where ‘Role Excluder’ comes into play is when a lower admin level users (with the ‘promote_users’ capability) are allowed to assign roles, but should not have the ability to assign high end role access such as ‘Adimistrator’.. ‘Super Administrator’ etc…

As shown here the ‘Role excluder’ plugin allows for any role to be given a mask, below the ‘Staff Admin’ role has been enabled to generate a mask..



We can now go to the ‘staff_admin’ tab to mask/disable individual roles from view, below the role has been configured to have no sight/availability of the ‘Administrator’ or ‘Developer’ roles.


So go download the free ‘Role Includer’ plugin, purchase the ‘Role Excluder’ plugin and you can quickly delegate authority to prompt users without giving too much authority away!