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‘User Upgrade Capabilities’ is a plugin to help with a multi-site network and helps with the administration of users and their roles. When you start using a multisite wordpress installation you soon realise the power of having a separate site for a different function (e.g. main site, separate blog, separate calendar …etc).

However  for sites with many users there is a negative side, as each site/blog stands on its own, you need to manage the users and their access/capabilities within each site and that can be a lot of work!  This is why I created the ‘User Upgrade Capability’ plugin for the occasion where  a few sites/blogs relate to the same group of users it allows one site to be used as a reference site for users and their roles/capabilities, therefore stopping the need to maintain each site with roles & capabilities.  Once active for a site the  ‘User Upgrade Capability’ plugin will take over the site roles & users capabilities and you will only be able to control who has access to the site through the reference site.  You can simply think of the site as an extension of the reference site.

The primary site is where all user permissions/capabilities are maintained.  When a user has a key capability granted on the primary reference site  they will be granted access to the second site with a default WordPress role and additional capabilities.

You might think that this is not required often, however, one example comes from use of plugins that you wish run a second time on your site.  A common example is calendar plugins which use a fixed database table name, this means that you can’t install two calendars for different purposes on the same site.  Without ‘User Upgrade Capabilities’ or other methods this is a problem,  but with the plugin you can create a new site and point back to the first re-using its user listing.  If one of the auto en-role extension plugins, available in the WordPress plugin repository is used then the user doesn’t even know that the second calendar is a different site.

WARNING – Activating this plugin on a site will replace the available user roles/capabilities with a copy from the reference site you will not be able to undo.  If in doubt take a Database Backup!

User Upgrade Capabilities - Flow

I have generally used a few plugins together to get the full functionality required and they are made easily available through the ‘Plugin Extensions’ settings tab.

  • User Role Editor by Vladimir Garagulya to allocate users to multiple roles on the Main site.  I would normally create a new role and allocate one new capability to this for the key to the second site.
  • Join My Multisite by Ipstenu  to auto en-role users to a default role on the second site this will be the only capability that they have on the second site until the  ‘User Upgrade Capabilities’   plugin adds the additional capabilities as configured in the settings page.  If the “key” reference capability is removed from the user on the main site then all capabilities will be removed from the second site and the user will need to re-enrol which is only possible when the “key” reference capability has been re-given.

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