What story do we live in

In 2013 I watched an inspiring talk from Chris Lema on project execution given for the WordPress community.  As I’ve been working with WordPress it has been a journey that started to help my local Church to move from a very flat and static site over to a new Blog and CMS acting much more as an intranet than simply a website.  My day job is working for a local engineering company which has engaged me in great opportunities in technology, leading teams and a little travelling.

I remember at the time Chris inspired me again to look at the context (story) that I was setting for my teams to work in, saying this is the main thing for leaders “set the context!“.  Well that was 3 years ago and I still remember the talk, last Friday I spent a whole day listening to Phil Moore on the New Ground academy the subject was “the story of the Bible” as with 3 years ago the impact was not that this answers all our questions but sets the context, however, this time not for others but me!  Much time and effort is wasted in teams without leaders setting the context, what shapes your decision making and where does your context for life come from?

Phil has even written a short book on it “The Bible in 100 pages” worth a read…
The bible in a 100 pages