Role Based Help Notes

"Taking Notes" - By Krissy.Venosdale
“Taking Notes” – By Krissy.Venosdale

I have published my ‘Role Based Help Notes’ wordpress plugin to the wordpress community to help groups work together in activities and content where logged in users of a wordpress site are already allocated role(s). The plugin basically allows you to quickly create helpful guides/content for any defined user role and opens up the Content Management Site (CMS) capability for your site.  This lends itself to help you talor the helpful guides/content to each separate role and allows the group to update and maintain the content.

As all people in history benefit from standing on the shoulders of giants in their field so this plugin is no different it has been given an “Extension” section to provide a quick and easy route to installing plugins that compliment Help Notes just choose those you want if not already installed on your site.  All this is possible with TGM-Plugin-Activation (by Thomas Griffin and Gary Jones.) an amazingly useful way to bundle plugins into your themes, or as I have here a plugin!

The plugin uses custom post types for user roles. This allows users, with a specific role, the ability to create and edit their own ‘help notes’ providing a private set of notes for use. It can be used for anything else that fits with that role (e.g. creating minutes-of-meetings notes etc…).
To add new roles to the basic wordpress roles (Administrator, Editor, Subscriber ..etc) you will need to use another plugin refer to Roles_and_Capabilities and Resources.. Plugins. You can then use one of these plugins (e.g. User Role Editor) to allocate users to multiple roles.

So if you want to quickly give a group a private area to share and post ideas/notes ..

  1. Create a new role.
  2. Add users to the role.
  3. Enable the Help Notes from the settings.

A global ‘General Help Notes’ type is also available which is not tided to a specific role, this has the same access/capabilities as the standard wordpress ‘post’ type for read/write access.



Helpful references used along the way..